1.1.24 (November 29, 2019)
Statistics improvements and bug fixing.
NetBilling postback url fix.
Email template : fix for broadcaster name.
Newsletter emails - white-label and send from email fixes
Viewers count fix for decrementing to negatives.
Filtering fix for premium.
Hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters.
WebRTC version fix.
Display the current room price if not free.
Mobile Anonymous log in update accordingly.
Premium Room - Premium room ending fixes and updates in flow.
Premium Room - Premium room ending fixes and updates in flow.
New Features:
Ordering by room type improvements
Code improvements and optimization.
Display statistics for premium room.
Display info regarding credits on table.
Sound notification when user enters room.
If selected user is leaving the room, reset selected user info.
Change PREMIUM USERS section to VIP.
Anonymous user display.
Mobile anonymous log in update user list accordingly.
Check camera driver/camera permission when preview camera is selected.
Room Topic       
- Can be edited only in free room      
- On other rooms than free, this section is hidden
Room Goal       
- Can be edited only in free room      
- On other rooms than free, this section is hidden
Chat improvements   
- Chat layout improvements   
- Send message & send tip improvements  
- Mobile and desktop consistency   
- Mobile show tips section fix   
- Pagination fix on all chat rooms
Favorite icon on room page.
Chat component improvements and consistency between desktop and mobile.
Send message/tip improvements   
- Mobile layout and functionality  
- Chat details over chat text fix - on other rooms than free
Display the current room price   
- When: on client side for any room other than free   
- Where: in the timing part on video streaming   
- Also: before entering in room updates for all rooms
General improvements
- Model agreement contract generate fix
- Technical modal   
- Expiry time set to 60 min   
-Display the modal if’s active once every 60 min
Layout / Footer / Header / Sidebar Desktop / Sidebar Mobile improvements and design consistency.
Improving animations for sidebar desktop and sub header mobile menu.
Account modal and Broadcaster Register Modal  
 - Removed model register from account modal (login/signup)   
- On Account modal, users can only register as clients
Adding option to quickly reset applied filters on broadcasters page
 - All and Broadcasters button on header  
 - Acts like a Home button.
Security improvements
- Remove console logs
- Stability and permissions updates
1.1.23 (October 21, 2019)
Calendar improvements.
Broadcaster user selection - reset if the room is changing type.
Fix account modal height.
Buy media modal localization + close modal on error.
Purchase media - if the user is not premium (no tokens bought) display premium modal - the user is required to make at least 1 purchase of tokens before access to free content.
Account deletion- Change endpoints according to latest API changes.
Admin - Change delete endpoint in order to match latest changes to api
Additionally updated all 3rd party services and plugins.
New Features:
Disable favorites number for the moment from sidebars.
Client Notifications Settings- Added broadcaster online notification settings.
Broadcaster go live page (streaming page)
- Added section to display the number of faves on broadcaster side
- Added Notify button that will allow the broadcaster (if he has faves) to send online notification email to faves
- Font Awesome icons updates on broadcast page
- Timing for send online notification in order to stop spam (The broadcaster can only send 1 online notification every 10 minutes)
Language files updates.
Code style and consistency updates.
 *Email updates*
- Init email templates 
- Send report abuse to admins too not only to support@client.com
 *General refactorization and improvements* 
- Session improvements and error handling 
- Disable old payment endpoints and add Netbilling gateway as Bundle 
- Remove old/unused code
 *Account deletion* 
- Refactor routes for delete admin/broadcaster/client to account delete 
- Minor improvements in code
- Send email on account deletion 
- Deleted broadcasters sql updates - do not select deleted broadcasters from DB
*Admin - Send email to accounts*
 - Added general endpoint in order to contact any account no matter the type of the account 
- Added mail whitelabel signature
 *Favorite Broadcaster online notification*
- Added notification setting on Client in order to enable/disable online notification 
- Disabled automatic email sending on free broadcaster session creation in order to avoid spamming 
- Added endpoint to allow broadcaster send the online notification when she/he is ready
Client view
- Send email notification to single client too
- Display the favorites panel even if the client has 0 favorites
- Display message informing that user has no favorites
1.1.15 (September 17, 2019)
*Media - Images* - Fixed orientation upload bug where, if we uploaded an image from mobile devices as landscapes, the pictures were not save in the right orientation. 
Fixed a bug where Broadcaster cannot edit/update their payment information
Improves Payment Information save/update flow regarding field information validation
Thumbnail generation error handling - cross browser compatibility - if the browser doesn't support thumbnail extraction, display corresponding message and let the user upload an image to use as thumbnail.
Fix image orientation for uploaded images on:- documents- profile picture- private pictures.
 Payment Information updates regarding error handling, required fields, form fields consistency.
Fullscreen support or hide the fullscreen icon if the browser doesn't support this feature!Note: Fullscreen browser api support for iOS devices works only on iPad not iPhone!
New Features:
Added some commands to quickly add PayPal and Other Payment Methods - as such we can add other payment methods for your broadcasters faster.
Disabled (admin routes) the ability for admins to CRUD payment methods and information fields until we have a feature on admin in order to CRUD Payment Methods (security update)
Payment Methods documentation updates.
*Media Upload on mobile devices updates*- display media info on mobile- display upload progress
Mobile video upload flow updates.
When editing video, hide thumbnails loader after the video is loaded.
Display info messages such as success/current active method/errors.
Force native player on all devices - cross browser/device support.
1.1.13(August 9, 2019)
Breaking compatibilities with WebRTC resolved.
The issue with notifying fans of new media uploaded resolved. An issue was occurring when a broadcaster wanted to notify a deleted fan of new media.
1.1.13 (July 12, 2019)
Fix chat page - input box was reaching outside the viewport.
Fix streaming page to display a text for incompatible Browser.
Fix Safari search bar displaying on multiple rows.
Fix displayed message for payout - with ‘Remaining payout' instead of ’Week payout'
New Features:
Added support and about links on mobile.
Default content for about and support pages.
Update terms with new requirements from payment gateways.
1.1.13 (July 5, 2019)
*Affiliate updates*
- (data validation and integrity) updates related to deleted accounts
- (UI) include username of referred broadcaster in view
- (Privacy && Security) check the privacy of the broadcaster's real name to not be included in client response - only the admin can see the real name of broadcaster
*Deletes updates && Improvements*
- (Improvements && data integrity) fixing some issues regarding the delete of Account based on the account type (client/broadcaster/admin)
- (data validation / integrity + BUGFIXING error on get all friends) fix displaying the deleted accounts as friends
*Add Credits*
- (data validation / integrity) we have removed the ability to add credits to broadcaster because there were payment related issues with the admin bonus in payment generation
*Broadcaster's page*
- check related broadcasters and hite the ones that are not approved or those that were deleted
- UI fixes
*Registration process && Profile*
- ability to select the gender when registering
- options : female (default) / male / transsexual - if you want other options or only female / male please let us know
- fixed some earnings related data validation for the broadcaster
- only to include confirmed accounts and approved
- Improvements on DB / API
New Features:
FRONTEND CLIENT FEATURE : Added 'Room Info' tab on mobile viewport with relevant data about broadcasters room such as : 'Room topic' and 'Room Countdown'.
FRONTEND CLIENT FEATURE : Added tehnical modal :: if there will be tehnical problems, we can fast enable a modal informing users that there are some tehnical issues and we are working on them.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS - the refund section has been removed from terms and conditions - CCBill updates terms.
1.1.12 (June 21, 2019)
Payout broadcaster income display error.
A minor affiliate payout generation issue has been discovered and fixed.
Soft deletes functionality from the User's, Broadcaster's and Administrator's side have been updated to improve the data consistency.
We’ve optimised the broadcaster profile details so that all information is displayed properly on the administrator section.
New Features:
Email confirmations have been customised
A free gateway has been configured to be easily enabled in order to prove the concept before installing a live payment gateway.
New feature that provides you the ability to create multiple admins from the admin panel.
1.0 (May 24, 2019)
Media Server Upgrade
A small security concern was discovered this week regarding the album purchase notifications to the Socket Server Application.
New Features:
Launched a platform for the astrology/tarot/psychic - Yantra
1.0 (March 3rd, 2019)
Affiliates updates - displaying better info to broadcaster regarding affiliate account
General responsive layout updates - fix some layout display issues for certain viewports (mobile vs tablet vs desktop version).
New Features:
Update to fonts library - FontAwesome.
Transitions / effects updates - UI improvement - the option to quickly change and update the color theme of the website.
1.0 (February 22, 2019)
New Features:
Calendar feature released
1.0 (February 15, 2019)
New Features:
‘Delete’ feature in admin - for both clients and broadcasters
Dark Theme released
1.0 (February 1st, 2019)
New Features:
New icons across multiple areas from the platform.
A new Help Centre and automated login is available on the demo.
1.0 (January 25, 2019)
Kurento Media Server has been updated to the latest version (6.9.0).
Email white-labeling for favourite broadcaster online fixed.
1.0 (January 11, 2019)
Security improvements : generating and setting a secret token for each platform in order to enforce cryptography.
Assessing the latest Chrome updates and planning to adapt with version M72 and Unified Plan that will enable multiple endpoints to be streamed from the browser.
1.0 (April 27, 2019)
Socket Manager application - preparing to release update
Block country functionality fixed
FireFox issue - researching further
1.0 (November 16, 2018)
Kurento unexpected crashes
1.0 (November 9, 2018)
Private price changes  
Online label after private not updating - broadcaster needs to go out of the room and enter back.
Members can’t see the broadcasters on the front page when they are live.
Session appears offline after a period of time - session manager timeout account.
Random timed private issues - in private some models receive only tokens from tips and not from the private show.
Permanent fix on Session Manager for Users out of Tokens.
Fix Kick out of the private show from 8 tokens to 0 tokens.
Clients can enter on Spy with no funds.
Double registration with fast click - the models can create 2 registration forms when double clicking accidentally
Thank you!
1.0 (November 2nd, 2018)
Lorem Ipsum texts identified and texts were added
- [x] FAQ
- [x] Contact
- [x] Upload Instructions
- [x] Troubleshooting gallery
- [x] Billing Support
Release v1.0 (April 20, 2018)