What payment methods do you offer?

You can make your payments for the platform via PayPal, and BankWire. For more details don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I switch to a different price plan?

Just contact us and we will check together the best plan for you!

What can I expect from hosting, privacy, and security?

We install your platform on dedictad Cloud Servers after you provide us with the white-labeling data. Ready to scale and grow your business. Security is a key point, that is why we constantly update our security systems. Hacks are not fun. We treasure your privacy! We have implemented contractual clauses regarding the privacy of our clients. Additionally, we’ve implemented internal procedures that are designed to prevent these situations. In a nutshell, we try to provide you the best services in the best conditions.

Where can I check the updates done to the platform

The updates done to the platform can be checked anytime in the ChangeLog section. You can find the menu in the footer of every page.

How can LiveCamSoft help grow my business?

Our professional team provides you with more than an IT solution. You have at your disposal professional teams of support, IT and even business. Want to hear more? We offer educational materials via our blog. We release new materials on client demands as well. You will also be taken care of by our Customer Success Manager, and you will never feel neglected or ignored. All your needs will be attended.  LiveCamSoft it’s not just a platform, it’s an entire team that helps you grow your business.

What do you offer me in terms of after purchase services and fees?

We offer you everything you need to start and grow your business. A successful business has a great team of professionals behind, which can be very expensive. This is why, here at LiveCamSoft, we offer you a team of highly skilled professionals at the best prices. For the LiveCamSoft Packages, the price includes the live streaming platform with all premium features, free installation on cloud servers, one payment gateway integration, your colours integration, the hosting (+$0,04/GB for extra traffic), the support (customer, technical) and performance updates & maintenance. You have it billed Monthly.

What type of support is available to LiveCamSoft clients?

You are not alone. LiveCamSoft is not just a platform, but also a team that stands behind you. From the beginning, a Customer Success Manager will guide you through the journey.

Not only that, but we’ve prepared for you a 24 working hours response rate customer support service. In addition, we cover even your technical support needs, by managing the maintenance and recurrent updates for all the 150K lines of code.

How is my money flow?

All the revenue (private rooms, photos & videos, etc) from the platform gets into your bank account, and you manage the payments using the platform. No stress, no dates to remember, no calculation required. It’s like having your own accountant at your disposal 24/7.

Clients purchase with real currency your tokens using the payment gateway that we integrate on your platform. The payment gateway transfers all the income into your bank account, from which you can pay your broadcasters, based on the payouts from your admin panel. Want to hear something cool? We integrate cryptocurrency as well!

Is LiveCamSoft a White Label?

Yes, after purchase, together we start the process of having it personalized using labels such as: domain, logo, service prices, broadcasters’ percentages, platform colors, legal documents and so on. We’ve created the packages in such a way that we assist with the integration of these labels that make the platform your own.All of these aspects transform LiveCamSoft platform into Your platform.We are an IT company and we provide you with a tool and a team for you to succeed in your business.

Can I customise LiveCamSoft

Regarding the Front-End customization, you have multiple options: 1. Request access to Front-End (extra service) - our team will open another server for you and a development platform, so you or your team can work on the front-end changes in the most professional way. This extra service costs 195€ per month.

2. Discuss with our own professionals, and they will provide you with an estimation in time and cost.  
Want extra features or other types of changes? Contact us at hello@livecamsoft.com for more details.

Can I run multiple domains using one LiveCamSoft license?

Yes. But you are limited to one database. This means you can have several designs, different languages under as many domains as you like, but all the user and performer login details will be common on all sites.

Can I add more payment methods?

The first payment processor partner integration is free, any additional one can be integrated for the cost of 500€. The same price applies for payment processors that are not in our partner list.

Do you have a reseller program?

We do not have a reseller program at the moment. All the purchases can be done only via LiveCamSoft.com

How to change the language of the platform?

If you want to change the language, we have multiple options for you in this direction:

1. We send you the json language file and you can translate from English to the desired language. After that, we integrate the new language file and that's it!

2. You can access our professionals that can translate the json file for you in any desired language.

Option 1 is free and option 2 is not free of cost. For cost details, please check the pricing or contact hello@livecamsoft.com

Is LiveCamSoft completely rebrandable?

Yes, LiveCamSoft is a white-label - there will be no trace of our company onto your platform. It's your business with your twist on it.  

Is LiveCamSoft Multi-language?

Yes. LiveCamSoft can be easily translated into any language. It can be done by you or you can access our translation services. For fees and details, please check our website.

Is LiveCamSoft open source?

LiveCamSoft is a SaaS product (software as a service), and not an open-source product. This means that you can cut costs regarding having a tech team, we offer you everything you need: software license, hosting, customer support, technical support, updates, bug-fix and any type of custom work.  

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is the newest streaming technology that allows for live streaming information exchanges directly from the browser. This means you do not need any add-on, any extra programs or apps. Just an internet connection and a browser.

WebRTC is new, but it's a very promising technology. Giants such as Facebook, Google, and Skype integrated it into their system and are constantly improving it.  

Where can I contact you?

You are not a client? You can contact us on hello@livecamsoft.com chatbox on the website or Skype: live:livecamsoft

Are you a client? Please contact us at hello@livecamsoft.com and Skype: livecamsoft

Our working hours are Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM UTC+1 (Central European Time)

Where are your servers located?

We are using Cloud Servers and we usually open as close to the client as possible. We have servers in multiple locations in the USA, South America And Europe.

Why do I need a payment processor?

The Payment Processor is very crucial for all online businesses. These are companies that focus on the money transfers aspect, from the client to you, the admin of the business.

This type of process cannot be done by any random company, it needs to be done by a company that specializes in this, so you can make sure that the client data and your money are safe.  

Would LiveCamSoft allow crypto integration?

Yes, we do integrate cryptocurrency, as bitcoin, ether, cardano, polkadot, or any other cryptcurrency, as well as real currency. Just contact us to learn more.