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Benefit of Saas

In this article, we will give some advice on what you should take into consideration when it comes to an online platform, so if you plan to open your own online business you’re in the right place. If you’re curious about how can you benefit from SaaS, this is the right article for you.

You have a 3-step guide for a fast and easy understanding about how can you create your own platform, valuable information about hosting and last but not least, a short description about SaaS, so you can have an overview for a better understanding.

What is SaaS and why you should be excited about it’s existence?

SaaS for the tech industry is like the invention of the gunpowder for the military industry, once you use it, you can’t imagine working without it.

Thanks to SaaS you have everything in one place, the platform is hosted centrally, so an update is decided and executed by the provider, not by customers. It has a single configuration, making development testing faster, the solution provider has access to user behavior within the application making it easier to identify areas worthy of improvement.

SaaS is generally subscription-based and has resulting in lower initial costs.

What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to spend some extra thousands on additional to hire a team of tech guys. Using SaaS you can still have all the benefits of a high-end product with less effort and less money, so you can grow your business faster than ever.

You don’t have to worry about updates, hosting, maintenance and many other stuff.

In this article we will present you the pros and cons of SaaS, how can you develop your own platform, what are the procedures when it comes to support, payments or implementation.

How and why did SaaS appear?

Before Saas you had only these 2 options:

  • Develop your own platform from scratch
  • Purchase an open source platform

Then the SaaS technology came in and changed the market forever for all industries.

Let’s start from the beginning, the first thing you got to do is to:

1 Develop your own platform

This means finding your development team for the Back-end, Front-end, Streaming implementation (live streaming), have interfaces for clients, broadcasters, for yourself, implement the option of online payments, other features such as Video implementation and many others.

Ok, you need to find your developers. In the IT world, projects are paid per hour of implementation and everyone has a price/hour.

For example, to implement just the Video Streaming option (for your broadcasters to upload videos), the cost is around $5000. This does not include anything else besides the Video Streaming, not Live streaming.

Now comes the planning part.

  1. What budget do you have and how much time can you invest in this project without having any kind of profit? Keep in mind that at this stage, you just invest.
  2. Find the development teams.
What is important to know? The development cost does not include only the development itself, but the following:
  • Discovery,
  • Implementation,
  • Testing,
  • Debugging,
  • Launching    

This means that besides developers you will need testers specialized in what the developers work on.

If you assign only one developer for each type of task, paired with only one tester, this could mean years of development and investment.

Depending on the experience and specialty of the developer, prices may vary a LOT, mainly between $45-$100/hour. By doing simple math, an average Live Streaming Platform with not so many features, make take around 1 year to develop. This means that you can spend between $394200 - $876000, just for a standard platform. If you’re interested in features to boost up the platform and make it more attractive, you empty your pockets even more.

Here there may occur some inconveniences. If you randomly assign developers without testing of their performance, you risk throwing money down the drain and spending even more, by assigning others to fix the issues and paying of course.

After the platform is ready, you need to think about the following:
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Updates

Hosting: search for a service provider that offers servers fit for your platform. Prices vary a lot and you pay for the service every month. Why do you need servers? A platform without a server/multiple servers to run on equals lines of codes that only IT people understand.

Best servers out there? Cloud servers. Cost? Check Amazon Cloud Servers, Google Cloud Servers or Digital Ocean.

Support - for what exactly?

  • Bug fixes
  • Updates
  • Implementations
  • Emergency situations

It’s perfectly normal to encounter bugs big or small once you launch a product. Beta testing cannot accurately replicate a real case scenario in which real clients and real broadcasters use the platform. You need a team that works only on fixing the bugs once they occur, be prepared to open more servers if you have to and so on.

Updates - just take a minute and check how many updates are released every year on Desktop Browsers and mobile browsers.

For example: Google updated Chrome eight times in 2017, the most of any of the Big Four browsers.

What does this mean for your business? With each browser update, your platform can be less compatible. Clients don’t care, they access services that work. If Chrome releases an update, you need to release one, too, for your clients that use Chrome, and you need to make it fast. Otherwise, you lose business. This means you need a team that tracks the changes and implements the updates. If you wait too much for that update, the browser may release another update and so on.  


Implementations - you want to keep your clients interested in your business. This means that you have to evolve together with the times. Check what features become popular and implement them. This means that you will be investing money constantly, in order to keep your clients happy, otherwise, they’ll use other platforms, easy.


How can you pay for the services?

You need to implement a payments system for the customers and a paying system for yourself (how else can you monitor how much to pay every broadcaster?).

After the system is implemented, you need to start working with a payment processor and integrate it on your platform (p.s. Only IT people know how).

After all this, you are ready to start the business and work on the business itself.


Once the platform is ready, you need broadcasters on it. This means you need to start recruiting broadcasters, which can be done by yourself or pay other professionals to do that for you.

After you have broadcasters, you need clients!

This means marketing. This again can be done by yourself or via professionals that can offer that service for a cost.

Depending on the budget you still have after launching the platform, you can invest in finding broadcasters and clients faster. Or do it yourself and take a longer time. No services will offer you a 100% success rate for anything.

In a nutshell, there are advantages and disadvantages to this:

Advantages: No limits.

Disadvantages: Requires major investment, time-consuming, high risk.

The biggest disadvantage being that NOT everyone can do it. You either need to have a lot of money from another business, that you can invest. Or be backed by investors. Or Wind the lottery?

With investors, they can easily take their money back because they don’t want to wait for years to get their investment back.  

2 Purchase an open source platform.

This was the best solution for people with a smaller budget (most of the people that want to have an online business).

What does this mean?

Well, a company with developers work on developing a code/ a framework for your future business. Open source means that you have access to the code, and can make any desired changes to it. If you have your own development team, of course.

There are several companies that can provide you software that would give you a basic structure of a cam site for a one-time payment. They give you various options to set up your site that works with your needs. Sometimes they also provide server services which help a lot.

So this means that you skip some of the parts of making your own platform from scratch, but you still need to work on the script itself, make changes to it and the rest.

In a nutshell, you purchase a code, that’s the start of your Live Streaming Business. You pay a fraction of the price, between $2000 - $10000. But, once you employ a development team on the open source platform, that team needs time to learn the structure of the platform, which you are paying for of course, and continue with developing the platform and implementing the features you further need.

To this you still need to add:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Updates

The company that provided you the open source script may have updates available, for which you have to pay. The risk here is that if your own team did not integrate the custom work accordingly, you will lose everything… and pay for it again….

Then you can start working on your business!

Advantages: Easier, somewhere average costs.

Disadvantages: Poor designs, limits in features, strong need of content.

3 Now let’s talk about SaaS

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Shortly, a company provides you with everything so you can focus only on your business. That means you don’t spend years on developing a product, others provide it for you.

Now why would this be better than open source? The company does everything for you, when I speak of everything, I mean everything. You purchase the License, they set up the hosting, offer you support services and offer you their own developers for custom work and know the code inside out.

Remember that example? That Chrome released in 2017, 8 updates. With SaaS services, the company intercepts those updates and update your platform as well, so your business won’t suffer.

Features? SaaS companies not only perform custom works for you, but they anticipate trends and also develop features that you can purchase them at a fraction of a price.

In a nutshell, SaaS is the future for Businessman that want to make money and have a team behind, without spending a fortune, or two…

This opens opportunities for everyone, you don’t need to wait to win the lottery, just contact us at

Advantages: Average Costs, an entire team behind you, Quality

Disadvantages: Can’t play with the code, the focus is on the business

Now let us say something about LiveCamSoft, our SaaS:

Little history about the platform:

  • Development time: 4 years
  • Hours of development: + 90.000 hours
  • Code lines written: + 3.000.000
  • Workforce: 12 Middle & Senior IT Developers
  • Investment: over $1.5 million
  • Arrive with an experience of over 10 years in know how

How much do you pay for it? Ask us for the latest pricing table.

What do we offer to you?


  • Platform
  • Hosting (Cloud - 7 servers)
  • Support
  • Backed up by our technical team
  • Updates
  • Bug-fix
  • Custom work
  • Performance updates

Want to hear more? We also assist you with…

  • Setting up accounts with the best payment gateways
  • Business Support
  • Individual guidance with our Success Manager

We don’t just offer custom work, we develop our own features in the meantime. You can just say ‘I want that” and you’ll have it in no time!

Example of features we’ve recently added?

E-mail notification to clients. Your clients will receive e-mail notifications once their favourite broadcasters are Live! Fun, right?

Others? We’re working on a scheduler, this way clients can schedule themselves when the broadcaster is available.

Example of SaaS products?


  • Shopify
  • Salesforce

Currently, most of your favorite online stores use shopify!

Welcome to the future! Start your own business without winning the lottery.

The best way to get familiarized with a SaaS platform is by trying our interactive demo for free.

Now you can feel the experience of a user, model or admin thanks to our interactive guideline and it doesn’t cost you anything.

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