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How do I bring traffic to my new platform?

Having an online business might seem like a dream for most of us. As nice as it might be to have your own schedule, work from anywhere around the world and have others work on your platform. 

Start your online business

Live Streaming is an increasingly profitable business, but, like any business, you need to know how to run it in order to be successful and live the dream. Any business has its challenges, between a physical business and an online business, the online world offers you a greater potential to achieve financial happiness. 

Setting up the online business doesn’t have to take years, you can purchase/rent a White Label and you will have everything set up for you. Once you have a platform, the next things you need are broadcasters and clients. 

In this article, I would like to discuss how you bring clients on to your platform. Once you have your business in a global market, you need to find ways for clients to know about you and access your services. 

Free traffic options

So here are some quick tips. 

Like with any service, you can bring traffic free of cost to your platform,or you can have others do that for you, for a cost.

Let’s check the FREE ways to bring traffic. 

FREE ways mean that, instead of having others help you, you do everything, so the cost, in this case, is your time and resources. 

Traffic Options

Social Media

Many small businesses start using Social Media to help drive traffic to their own platform. Many businesses use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their main channels. This type of organic social growth doesn’t require money, it just requires time and patience. 

When using social media to drive traffic, you need to make sure that you stay active and you post on a consistent schedule, share content from other pages and from your own as well. Many small businesses get out of business because they refuse to post other materials that are not related to their business. You need to focus on pleasing the clients not over advertising your business.    

Guest Posting

Additionally to creating evergreen content for your new business, take the time to write for someone else, that will drive a large sudden traffic boost to your own platform. The advantage is that you are also tapping into new audiences. This requires a lot of work and time as well, but it’s free. Try creating a relationship with someone in the field and guest write for his or her audience. This will bring an entirely new audience to your platform. 

For more details, checks further info provided by Dacast.

Don’t have the time or skills? 

Then try the various methods of PAID Traffic
Traffic Companies 

Paid Traffic services

Traffic Companies help drive traffic directly to your platform, without you losing time on content and marketing. You set a budget and based on that, they drive traffic. It’s your job to make those into clients, once they’ve reached your platform. 

According to one Traffic Provider:

“You can target your campaign by country, category and operating system.

You can also use the [siteid] dynamic parameter in your campaign URL which will be replaced with the publisher's website identifier. After you have run a test period you can remove websites from the members panel that don't fit or perform with your campaign.”

You don’t need to invest a lot of money, most traffic companies start with $5. 
Using just $1 you can have around 100 users on your platform!

Interested to read more about companied that provide you with traffic? Check Popcash here to learn more.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are used to generate traffic fast, almost immediate. Generating organic traffic can take weeks or even months, whereas paid ads brings you traffic much faster. 

Entering into the paid ads industry can be hard at first, without any experience. 

One quick tip? 

Avoid using banner ads, since they are known to provide a low rate of turn, since most people only click on them by accident. 

For a small business, it’s best to search ads for your industry and have them placed where your traffic lies: forums, blogs, or other platforms. 

Want to learn more? You can even contract an independent marketing specialist and have a plan made that guarantees your business boosts. 

Like with any business, online business have pros and cons, but it’s the best pro is that your clients are from all around the world! Which means that your potential is endless! 

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