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LiveCamSoft brings you November 2019 updates

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As some of you might know, we are deploying Updates and Maintenance between the intervals of 2 weeks to a month. These updates are made to ensure the best functionality and experience broadcasters and clients have on the platform. This November we are proud to bring you the most exciting updates!

For November 2019, we have prepared a series of such changes, that are displayed bellow:

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API Application updates:

## [1.1.21] (2019-11-26)

*Statistics improvements and bug fixing*

 – overall improvements

*NetBilling postback url fix*

*Online notifications*

– Email template :: fix for broadcaster name

 – code cleanup – remove old/outdated versions of code

*Newsletter emails*

 – white labeling fix

 – sendFrom email fix

*Viewers count fix for decrementing to negatives*

*Broadcasters API*

 – filtering fix for premium

 – ordering by room type improvements

– hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters


 – sync latest updates between master and development – get latest to everything

 – code improvements and optimizations

– hotfix semantical profile error regarding premium broadcasters

Admin Application updates:

## [1.1.10] – 2019-11-28

### Premium Room

– Display statistics for premium room

### Broadcasters listing

– Display info regarding credits on table

Client Application updates:

## [1.1.24] (2019-11-27)

1.Broadcaster Room – Broadcaster view

– Userlist

  •    sound notification when user enters room
  •    select user and see his tokens in real time
  •    if selected user is leaving the room, reset selected user info
  •    change PREMIUM USERS section to VIP
  •    Anonymous user display
  •    Mobile anonymous log in update user list accordingly

– Video Streaming

  •    check camera driver/camera permission when preview camera is selected

  – WebRTC version fix

  •    Display the current room price if not free

– Broadcaster streaming page components

  – Online notifications

  – Room Topic

  •       can be edited only in free room
  •       on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

  – Room Goal

  •       can be edited only in free room
  •       on other rooms than free, this section is hidden

  – Tokens and Selected user info

– Chat improvements

  •   chat layout improvements
  •   send message & send tip improvements
  •   mobile and desktop consistency
  •   mobile show tips section fix
  •   pagination fix on all chat rooms

2.Broadcaster Room – Client view

– Tabs

  •   disable related tab until this section is improved – for the moment this was affecting loading speed

– Userlist

  •   Mobile Anonymous log in update accordingly

– Favourite icon on room page

– Chat component improvements and consistency between desktop and mobile

– Pagination on chat fix

– Send message/tip improvements

  •   mobile layout and functionality
  •   chat details over chat text fix – on other rooms than free

– Display the current room price

  •   when: on client side for any room other than free
  •   where: in the timing part on video streaming
  •   also: before entering in room updates for all rooms

3.Premium Room

– Premium room ending fixes and updates in flow

4.UI improvements

– Buttons consistency and UI improvements

5.General improvements

– Model agreement contract generate fix

– Technical modal

  •   expiry time set to 60 min
  •   display the modal if’s active once every 60 min

– Layout/Footer/Header/SidebarDesktop/SidebarMobile improvements and design consistency

– Remove a lot of unused CSS

– Improving animations for sidebar desktop and sub header mobile menu

– UI improvements :: static pages

– Adding option to quickly reset applied filters on broadcasters page

  •   All and Broadcasters button on header
  •   acts like a Home button

– Account modal and Broadcaster Register Modal

  •   removed model register from account modal (login/signup)
  •   on Account modal, users can only register as clients
  •   Use Broadcaster Register modal / Model SignUp (from footer) instead     – this is the general usage on the industry

6.Security improvements

  • Remove console logs
  • Stability and permissions updates
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